Grumbach & Associates LLC (“GAL”) is a fine art advisory firm working with private collectors, investors, funds, and institutions to build, sell, and manage private art collections and art portfolios. The firm has established significant relationships with leading institutions and professionals in the international art market, including galleries, auction houses, collectors, and investors, and is well-positioned to secure and place desirable and hard-to-find works of art on behalf of its clients.  The firm also maintains relationships with museums and can place works on loan where appropriate.

GAL has extensive experience helping clients analyze, evaluate, and authenticate works from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century Modernist. The company’s advisory services include recommending competitive and appropriate values, analysis of the current market, and developing purchase and sales strategies that protect both the client and their asset.

GAL focuses on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and prides itself on providing unbiased and impartial expert opinions, maintaining client discretion and confidentiality, and high-value, practical, commercial advice.

In today’s complex and unregulated art industry, it is necessary to have the appropriate guidance to navigate the marketplace and deal with its ongoing challenges.


Andrea Grumbach is the founder and president of Grumbach & Associates LLC (“GAL”).    Prior to forming GAL, Ms. Grumbach was president of a prominent international art consultancy firm based in New York, where she was responsible for originating and closing significant multi-million-dollar international transactions in the arts and entertainment industries, including the purchases and sales of historically significant works by leading artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.    

Ms. Grumbach has extensive experience working with seasoned art collectors, professional investors, and institutions that are seeking to purchase or sell important works of art and art portfolios.  She also advises global families and collectors that seek to enter new areas of art investing. She is particularly skilled at providing her clients access to the global art market, including to high-level works of art, and she applies a disciplined approach to acquiring art within specific budgets.

Ms. Grumbach has traveled extensively throughout the Americas and Europe; she holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees in the arts from American universities in Europe, and she is fluent in multiple languages.  Earlier in her career, Ms. Grumbach worked in international business and diplomacy, including at American Embassies in Europe and in the Italian Senate.  

In addition, Ms. Grumbach is active in the development of the arts in the media and entertainment communities, internationally, nationally, and locally.  She is currently involved with the production of a feature film and dramatic television series set in the art world, and she previously supported the development of a feature film based on a prominent global art dealer’s mémoire and screenplay by Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning writer.

Ms. Grumbach possesses an innate, discernible eye for fine art, and she has well-developed skills in international transactions, negotiations, and diplomacy – and her passion and experience with art and international business make her uniquely positioned to help collectors and investors navigate the complex and unregulated world of international investing and collecting.  

Enjoy your visit and we look forward to working with you.