1. SOURCING ART: Including off-market works from the Renaissance to 20th century masters.
  2. ACQUISITION AND DISPOSITION: Guidance from beginning to end of the purchase and sales process.
  3. MARKET VALUATION: Conducting due diligence on price, quality and provenance.
  4. INSURANCE AND APPRAISAL: Recommending and liaising with insurers and appraisers after purchase.
  5. EXHIBITIONS: Creating opportunities to loan works for exhibition at museums or gallery shows.
  6. PLATFORMS FOR AUTHENTICATION: Expertise to facilitate research, authentication, and marketing.
  7. PRESERVATION: Recommending and liaising with leading conservation professionals.
  8. GIFTING AND CHARITABLE DONATIONS: Guidance through the donation process.
  9. LOGISTICS: Details such as shipping, framing and necessary paper work.
  10. ART LENDING:  Advisory to banks who specialize in lending against art to leverage a collection and unlock capital.